gvSIG CE is a fully functional desktop GIS that is second-to-none when it comes to flexibility and feature richness.

 Some of the most outstanding things this software has to offer are:

  • easy installation procedure, no administrator rights required; fully portable, runs from any device
  • hundreds additional geoprocessing tools via the SEXTANTE extension and GRASS GIS interfaces
  • GRASS 6.4 included in the installation package; all you need, on all supported operating systems
  • a simple, graphical user interface that runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
  • flexible, multi-document workspace with side-by-side data views, map layouts etc.
  • easy access to a multitude of geodata sources, including files, spatial databases and geographic web services
  • robust handling of data layers and high resolution imagery
  • rich vector data functionality, including thematic maps, symbology and CAD-like editing capabilities
  • topological and network data analysis
  • rich raster data tools, including remote sensing, georeferencing and transformations
  • map layout and PDF/PS production facilities
  • easy-to-use and flexible geoprocessing tools for typical raster and vector processing task

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