gvSIG CE can be extended by additional software, like e.g. to work with a specified collection of tools in different area of operations.
Extensions need to be stored in the main directory of gvSIG CE under [$gvSIG\bin\gvSIG\extensiones].

survey2gis: Software for Converting Survey Data to GIS File Formats (financed by LfDenkBW).



survey2gis is a flexible tool capable of processing survey data into topologically cleaned GIS vector data. The input data must be in plain text format and contain one single point measurement (record) per line. The role of survey2gis is to act as translator between the raw survey data and the more complex objects (“features”) used in GIS-based data processing. Further information regarding the project can be found on the survey-tools.org website.

An extension for gvSIG CE was created by CSGIS and Geomati.co in 2013:

- Download for Windows (17MB *zip)
- Download for Linux (3.5MB *tar)

Short install instructions:
Folder (like e.g. org.gvsig.[extension name]) with the new extension has to be copied into [$gvSIG\bin\gvSIG\extensiones].
After a restart of gvSIG CE, the new functionality can be used from the Graphical User Interface.