SEXTANTE in gvSIG CE is a spatial data analysis library written in Java. The main aim of SEXTANTE is to provide a platform for the easy implementation, deployment and usage of rich geoprocessing functionality.
It currently contains more than three hundred algorithms for both raster and vector data processing, as well as table data analysis tools. SEXTANTE is free software and is distributed under a MIT license.


The SEXTANTE geoprocessing toolbox consists of four components:
- The Toolbox, which represents the main component of SEXTANTE. From its window, algorithms can be run as single or as batch processes.
- The Graphical Modeler can be used to define a global process that involves several single functions.


- The Command Line Interface is a built-in option which allows the creation of small scripts.
- The History Manager: single actions or whole blocks of actions can be repeated.

SEXTANTE has a context help for almost all algorithms. It contains detailed information about functionalities and parameters, and is further illustrated with pictures.