gvSIG CE aims to attract a team of contributors working on all aspects of the project: coding, testing, user support, documentation, translation, developing tutorials, and many other types of work. Join our community, subscribe to our mailing lists and contribute in any way you like!
We would like to list folks actively working on the project on our website in order to provide a clear idea of the project’s actual structure.
Here is a list of the current team:

Core developers:

  • Benjamin Ducke (Germany); benducke[at]fastmail.fm
  • Fernando González Cortés (Spain); fernando.gonzalez[at]csgis.de
  • Victor González Cortés (Spain); victor.gonzalez[at]geomati.co

Other commiters:

  • Victor Olaya (Spain); volayaf[at]gmail.com
  • Jorge Arevalo (Spain); jorgearevalo[at]libregis.org
  • Francisco Puga (Spain); fpuga[at]cartolab.es

Technical Assistance:

  • Ruth Schönbuchner (Germany); ruth.schoenbuchner[at]csgis.de
  • José Canalejo (Spain); jose.canalejo[at]csgis.de
  • Johannes Valenta (Germany); office[at]arch-iv.de

Other Contributions:

  • Giovanni Allegri (Italy; patches); giohappy[at]gmail.com
  • Kevin Wells (USA; colour ramps); kevinwells[at]utah.go
  • Anke Winnig (Germany; screenshots)
  • Christine Schmidt (Germany; screenshots); C.Schmidt[at]geoTguide.de
  • Karsten Vennemann (USA; outreach); karsten[at]terragis.net
  • Tino Hartauer (Germany; outreach); mail[at]vb-hartauer.de
  • Fernando González Cortés (Spain; patches); fernando.gonzalez[at]geomati.co
  • Francisco Puga (Spain;patches); fpuga[at]cartolab.es
  • Klaus Vollstädt (Germany; testing); KlausVollstaedt[at]aol.com
  • Viktoria Engnath (Germany;outreach); info[at]mapconcept.de
  • Gustavo Agüero (Costa Rica; testing); gvsig[at]consultoresaa.com
  • Christian Strobl (Germany; testing); Christian.Strobl[at]dlr.de
  • Christian Macher (Germany; testing); macfo.lwf[at]googlemail.com
  • Frank Sokolic (South Africa; translations); sokolic[at]worldonline.co.za
  • Karl Tiller (Germany; wiki); info[at]karl-tiller.de
  • Jorge Arevalo (Spain;GDAL bug fixing)
  • Micho Garcia (Spain; EPSG database update)

Many more have contributed by sending bug reports and suggesting various improvements. If we have overlooked you, please let us know and we'll update the list.