The main benefit of the gvSIG CE bug tracker is to provide a clear centralized overview of development requests, bugs, improvements and their state. We share the bug tracker with the Java version of SEXTANTE.


If you find a bug while using gvSIG CE or SEXTANTE, please contact the development team to submit a bug report. This page will guide you through the steps to open an account on the gvSIG CE bug tracker and report bugs or missing features. We have chosen MantisBT as our bug tracking software, because it has a particularly clean and simple user interface.
So if you find a problem with gvSIG CE: Don't keep it to yourself. Instead, sign up to our bug tracker and commit a quick report there.
The bug tracker has a number of version tags. When you file a new report, simply set the field "Product Version" to the version of gvSIG CE in which you found the issue. Always set the "Target Version" to "gvSIG CE 1.0" (as that is our first release target).

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