Get involved in gvSIG CE

If you are interested in improving any aspects of gvSIG CE development, we encourage you to provide additional human resources to the project and work e.g. on some of these issues: bug fixing, creating new functionalities, writing documentation, organizing events, customizing gvSIG CE, etc.
If there are things that you would like to see changed or added to gvSIG CE, the users list is the place to talk about it. The best way to REALLY add them to gvSIG CE is to supply a patch.

Join the gvSIG CE community and contribute in any way you like:

  • Create great code: Whether you're a veteran developer or you're less-experienced and wanting to extend your skills, we've got work you can do. This section provides information for everyone who wants to get actively involved in developing, growing and improving our software. You can also work on bug-fixing and submitting patches.
  • Improve documentation and web content: design and maintain the web page and wiki and online infrastructure (websites, servers, etc.). We're on the look-out for people with experience in Web development technologies
  • Provide testing and feedback of the software: be an active community member helping out other users with their questions and problems. Sign up our user mailing list and get involved. You can also help reporting bugs
  • Documentation: work on user guides, small tutorials, videos, produce screenshot, etc.
  • Outreach: publicize gvSIG CE in media and events, write articles, take part in coordinating gvSIG CE activities and creating content, media and artwork.

If you are interested in collaborating on one of these or any other aspects, please sign up to our users mailing list. Once there, please introduce yourself and tell us what you are interested in.
If you are willing to work on any part of gvSIG CE, you will need a (free) Sourceforge account. If you don’t have one yet, sign up here. Then let us know your Sourceforge Username, tell us a little about yourself, how you would like to contribute and become part of the project team!